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AEBI Terratrac Implement Carriers

steep slope tractors All Swiss Tractors specializes to sell tractors manufactured by AEBI Co. AG of Burgdorf, Switzerland.

We have been distributing these multipurpose Aebi Terratrac Tractors Australia-wide since 1999.
Compared with traditional tractor or implement carrier, you can treat your surface/turf with the care it deserves.

While use of Terratracs as slope mowers for challenging terrain is popular, slope mowing is only one consideration for choosing this line of equipment. High-volume, low-pressure tires with a large gripping area, combined with a low vehicle weight, create an extremely low ground pressure - right down to the lower soil layers. The infinitely variable transmission and the clear view of the steering wheels permit gentle and careful maneuvering of the vehicle.

The money making Tractor.

slope tractors

The extremely low center of gravity and the wide wheel base give an unequaled ability on slopes.

Together with perfectly matched implements this leads to unbeatable maneuvering and safety when working on steep slopes and banks.

The TT 270, TT 240 and TT 210 are ground protective Tractors and well suited for safe use on steep slopes and are suitable for most extreme of hillsides, slopes and revetments but also for your most basic horticultural needs.

The machine packs a bigger punch thanks to the increased engine power and larger, wider tyres as well as increased lifting power.

The extremely compact design and tight furning circle make it enormously agile - and the all-round-view cab provides an unobstructed view of the front and rear implements.

Depending on the model you choose you can have total control via an infinitely variable hydrostatic dirve or a performance-matched range of gears.

A tireless workhorse whose inimitable safety standards and virtually armchair comfort ensure the highest drive productivity thanks to mental and physical relaxation..

It handles like a dream.

Equipped with a PTO and three-point hydraulic lift at both front and rear it offers 21st century versatility today:


The quick-action implement exchange system makes it a one-man job to attach or detach the implements for a wide range of tasks such as:
Turf management, garden and landscaping maintenance, clearing/sweeping tasks, embarkment cutting and a wide range of winter services including efficient snow clearance and towing.


Instanct interchangeability for various implements with PTO drive. Drawbar for trailers.

The AEBI Terratrac series: Sitting pretty and working safely on close to 40% slopes.

For Terratrac TT 270 E-Brochure click here

The brand new Aebi Viatrac VT450
with the new developed hydro pneumatic independent suspension on the front and rear axle works outstandingly giving the vehicle the driving comfort of an off roader.
The powerful drive is provided by nearly 100 Hp turbo diesel engine gives a top speed of 45Km/h.

The option of all-wheel steering with the possibility to switch from front to rear to quasi crab steering is also available.
The synchronised 4 speed trans-mission with stages and half gears gives 16 forward and 16 reverse gears.

Aebi Viatrac

The permanent 4 WD with lockable differentials on the front and rear axle combined with the hydraulic torsion damping and the switch-able and lockable independent suspension allow for a safe drive in the most difficult terrain or slopes.

Viatrac Aebi VT450 Vario with stepless drive

The Viatrac Aebi VT450 Vario is the new highend model of the top class. Aebi offers this flexible transporter for agricultural operation and municipal services. In practice, the stepless mechanical-hydrostatic, power-split drive brings obvious benefits. Work requiring low speeds is possible without any additional investment. Thanks to the multifunction drive lever, the change from forward to reverse driving is ultra-smooth. With the ECO-Drive and high gear efficiency, the transporter can be operated very economically.

Stepless without shifting

The new stepless drive with mechanical-hydrostaticpow er split is composed of a compact hydrostat unit with variable pump and constantdisplacement engine, and a mechanical transmission with three gear ratios. In practice, the combination of hydrostat and mechanical components guarantees high traction and good efficiency thanks to dry-sump lubrication and power split. The power flow with these new stepless transmissions is never interrupted (no drive clutch). With the purely hydrostatic drive at low speeds, it is even possible to smoothly start and reverse the vehicle on sloped and difficult terrain, ensuring a constantly high level of safety. Moreover, the maximum driving range can be limited via a rotary switch.
hydraulic crain

Swift pace

Depending on the vehicles registration, four different speed versions are available: 0 to 30 km ph, 0 to 40 km ph, 0 to 45 km ph and 0 to 50 km ph.

Intelligent and comfortable suspension

With a suspension travel of 100 mm, the hydropneumatic single-wheel suspension according to the double transverse link principle ensures excellent driving comfort. During hard cornering, the rear axle is automatically stabilised. In addition, the hydraulic torsion blocking between the front and rear vehicle ensures outstanding off-road capability. The suspension can be blocked or switched off and the vehicle can be manually lifted or lowered. Viatrac

Comfortable cabin with attractive design

Flexibly mounted drivers cab, modern and ergonomically designed cockpit allowing easy and logical operation. Multifunction drive lever with two round switches. Membrane keyboard for activating further functions at the touch of a button. Plastic roof with integrated working headlights and winter maintenance lighting. Heating and defroster system. Available with air-conditioning system as an option. vitatrac

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